How to write a simple article? Most likely there are as many different opinions about this as there are authors, but it is enough to say that with the everlasting popularity of publications on the internet, it is safe to begin with learning how to write an online article. How to write a simple article

As there are hundreds of strict rules and strategies for writing an article full of keywords, I'd like to save you some time and effort and a possible headache too, and to teach you how to write a simple piece for online publication, an article which is included in an online database. For instance, this might be a database that accepts as well as offers its readers free articles. Furthermore, I'd like to concentrate mainly on the style or type of publication which is easiest to reach and most interesting and enjoyable to read. It is important to know that the great majority of websites have a general topic or concern. Suppose you are going to write an article for a firm which is specialized in designing kitchen cabinets. The above-mentioned firm required ten publications to start. (Keep in mind that this is only a hypothetical situation; most sites have a database of more than 300 articles). I suppose many of us have previous experience in writing assignments in their college classes, for example a paper which is supposed to be 10 pages long on anything related to California history. It is almost the same as far as writing online articles in concerned; the web master will require ten articles about kitchen cabinets. And then you have to leave your imagination and invention work.

Go to your kitchen and carefully examine the cupboards. How many synonyms of cabinet can you think of? How these cupboards are made, what are they made of and how many parts do they have? Do you know all the kinds of materials that are used in building a cupboard? When was the oldest cabinet you've seen built? ( few days ago I came across one which was used in a pharmacy and was made of steel and glass, it was from the early 1920's ). Thus, if you are a beginner at writing articles about cabinets, you could think about the types, styles, designs and materials. Here are some pieces of advice you can follow and write a couple of paragraphs choosing your own approach from one of the mentioned below.

* Define all the terms and specialized words used in cabinetry. The best way to help a potential buyer, a user or even apprentice carpenter is to include a glossary in your article. * Make an easily readable bulleted list covering all the facts and details related to the topic *Do a Survey - write an article about the history of the topic you've chosen, whether it would be a person, a place, an event or a concept * Be sensitive about the format - using different style and font variations will help the reader distinguish the different parts of the article

Further, knowing how to write a piece of publication includes setting the right purposes: show the readers how to select, build, buy, clean, install, etc. the item you write about Some of the popular formats that you might want to use are listed below:

The Q and A - put some questions and then finds the best answers

The Narrative - people love stories, especially well-written ones

Try Quotes and Trivia - if you find it appropriate you can put some quotes in your article because quotes are as exciting as tales and discussions of trials and tribulations and success--with the item you are describing.

This should be a good base on which you build your article. It is a good idea to start with a website of your own, that way you would see how good is your work. Else, you could write publications for a friend of yours. What really matters in writing simple articles is to be experienced, so just get down to practicing. While working, try to enjoy it.
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