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Dramatica is both a series of software products for writers and a relatively unique perspective of how stories work. This site is the home of hundreds of pages of materials and tools for anyone interested in creating, critiquing, analyzing, writing, or otherwise working with stories.
Got a story in mind? How about an idea for a story? Either way, Dramatica Pro is a great place to start. As your creative writing partner, it takes you to a special place- a story development environment where together you'll solve the plot and character problems that prevent many good stories from becoming great enough to sell.

Dramatica Pro asks you all the questions about your story that you should be asking but probably forget to.

Dramatica's StoryGuide handholds you from initial idea all the way through to completed narrative treatment, inspiring you and supporting you along the way. It's like having a successful author as your writing partner, sitting by your side and mentoring you!

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