By Yulin Peng

If you are feeling as though you have a serious case of resume writer's block, don't feel alone. This is the case for many people, especially those who are re-entering the workforce or who are new at job searching. Fortunately, free resume writing software can help to relieve a significant amount of your stress and make it possible for you to create an effective resume and have it in the hands of prospective employers in no time.

Free resume writing software services vary in terms of what is offered and how the information you create can be accessed. Therefore, it is extremely important that you research these factors when considering the use of any free resume writing software. For example, some free resume writing software services are very basic in nature. This type of free resume writing software provides only a basic template in which you must fill in all the information and provides no help on wording, etc.

More advanced forms of free resume writing software go a step beyond and also offers suggestions and tips on wording. In addition, some types of free resume writing software may only offer one format. Depending on your personal situation, that format may not be the most suitable to highlight your unique skills and abilities and detract from anything that could hinder your chances at gaining employment. Whenever possible, look for free resume writing software that offers you a choice in format.

For more options, consider buying a professional resume software or hiring a resume writer to do the work for you.

Yulin Peng is a recruiting researcher and the founder of The website provides employment guide to job seekers and recruiting research services to recruiters.

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