by Sharon Souter

1. Write List Articles:

List articles are the easiest and fastest to produce. Make a list of topics to include on any given subject. Expand on each one from what you know preferably, or from research. Then, take each topic in your list and create another list article. You will soon find you have an easy endless source of article ideas to keep your production up.

List articles are easy to read, so your audience will always take the time to read all the way through to the end.

2. Write How To Articles:

How to articles list a numbered step-by-step set of instructions. Directions are typically accomplished in a certain way, so you don't have to think about what to write for each step. It is automatic so you can keep your writing flow going.

People love to learn new things. They will most always read the article to the end when they are interested in your subject.

3. Write Review Articles:

Review articles outline a series of objective pros and cons of a service or product. They are based on your opinion, so you can write exactly what you are thinking after assessing your subject. Address the five W's and the H of journalism:

* Who

* What

* When

* Where

* Why

* How

Readers love review articles. They are helpful for them in making a determination for themselves.

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