So you've heard that writing an article can be a great way to promote yourself, your website and your products, but you have no clue how to get started. You see hundreds of article directories that you are just dying to submit an article to, but you just have even one article to submit. Where do you start?

First, lets understand what parts of an article are needed before submitting to article directories. Your article should usually have five sections:

1. Title. Your title should indicate to the reader what the article is about. Try using a catchy title to make the reader curious to find out more about your topic. Look through various article directories and make note of the headlines that capture your attention. Try to model your own headlines after those that you found interesting and made you want to hurry and click to read the article.

2. Introduction. You should dedicate one paragraph for the introduction. Use the introduction to build upon the headline and explain the content of the article without giving it all away. Try to use your introduction as a roadmap through your article so the read will know what to expect. Also, use the introduction to build rapport with your reader - use it let them know you understand their problem and that you are about to offer them a solution.

3. Main Content. Your main content should breakdown and elaborate upon your introduction. Instead of giving an overview as you did in the introduction, begin developing each of your points. Support your points with examples, anecdotes and resources to create variety for the reader.

4. Conclusion. The conclusion of your article should be one or two paragraphs that sum up information presented in the main content. Learn to create a conclusion that sticks in the mind of the reader. For example, in how-to articles, point out the benefits of following your directions and let them know how to proceed next.

5. Author Resource Box - Always give yourself credit for being the author of the article. Use the author resource box as you business card. Include your name, your expertise and your website address. Double-check that your website address is properly linked and try to keep track of where you post articles so you can update your links if your website address changes.

Now let's look a simple article that anyone can write. One of the easiest articles to write is a "Top 10 Tips..." type article.

1. You will start off with a catchy title to gain attention such as "The Top Ten Tips for Making Extra Cash".

2. Next will be your introduction perhaps explaining to the reader that you understand their need for extra cash, and how you plan to help them.

3. The ten tips with their detailed explanations will form the main content.

4. The brief summary recaps the information and gives them an action item - tell them to immediately apply these ten tips so they can start earning extra cash!

5. Include your author resource box information. At the minimum include your name and website address.

So now you understand how you can jumpstart your way into article writing for self-promotion. Now go and start writing!
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