By Kym Moore

So, you’re thinking about writing a novel or a book of short stories? Are you determined to have a book of poetry published this year? Do you have that burning desire to overcome those writing challenges and take your written compositions to another level? We tend to look to outside influences, things and people for inspiration and motivation. Yet, what good is inspiration if you never do anything with it? Do you catch yourself saying that “you don’t have time to be a writer, because you’re just too busy?”

If you want to truly understand the essence of time, ask someone who has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness and given a certain amount of time to live. Ask a parent about time, who suddenly lost their only child in a tragic accident. Ask a person who was a dedicated employee for years with one company, never taking a vacation or a personal day off, then surprisingly losing their job, due to restructuring and budget costs. Out of these challenges, many books, articles, poems, support systems, seminars and organizations are born. These births are designed for healing and helping others get through some difficult times that the writer experienced. Time is short? No, time is precious and is a gift that must be used wisely.

Time doesn’t care whether or not you are young or old; male or female; rich or poor; good or bad; smart or dumb; married or single; happy or sad; a college grad or a high school drop out. Time is not concerned with your race, denomination or even if you’re not well traveled. Time moves on, with you or without you.

Do you think that writing is for the elite who have nothing but "time" on their hands? Well, writers just like other professionals, are among an elite group of people. In order to be a good writer, you must “make” the time to perfect your craft. It takes time, practice, patience, perseverance and a tough exterior to face those challenging situations that can attack your writing. Do you give up, give in, give out or give it your all-in-all?

Write that novel, chapbook, e-book or some articles starting now! Join a writer’s group or seek an agent to submit your completed manuscript to. Stop waiting! Just do it!

If now is not the time, then when do you think the time will be right to write? If you continue to wait to get started, you’ll quickly discover that others have already begun and succeeded. Their ideas or style of writing may not be better than yours, but they did something you didn’t do. They made it happen. So, what are you waiting for again? Don’t say that you don’t have time either!

Kym Gordon Moore is a creative marketing strategist for Moore 2 It Productions and coordinates cost effective, creative marketing packages for budget conscious new authors and new small business owners. She is the author of the eBook, “Alphabet Soup: 5 Main Ingredients for Turning Words into a Bowl of Hot Topics!” Many of her articles, essays, short stories and poems appeared in a variety of magazines, newspapers, ezines and anthologies.

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