Yeah, why Freelancers needs website ? The answer is to save stamping: While prospecting for new customers, instead of sending a whole kit of media, many cuts, and/or the inscription of the samples, direct simply your target towards your Web site. A simple postcard can enumerate the services which you offer and/or of the products you are sold. For samples of your direct prospects for work to your Web site, which can do a better work of the sale.

A Web site can enumerate testimonials of customer, businesses special and discounts, rewards - the possibilities are without end. Primarily, you sell a prospective customer on your business for Juste the cost of a postcard. Naturally, you can always send a letter of sales instead of a postcard.

The point is, you should not spend much of money in stamping to the top of front. If a customer is interested enough of your postcard/letter initial to look at your Web site, then you have a better chance of them contacting you. One could discuss, less you spend to the top of front, the best.

This weeds outside the pulseurs of tire of the serious purchasers.

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